We also have very pleasant cellar, small but functional. It houses 250 hl of wine in medium-sized oak barrels and in vats of cement or steel. We only use our own selected grapes to make wines which have a low yield per hectare and are of the highest quality. The wine making process differs depending on the type of grape used.

The journey starts in the vineyards which have excellent exposure, this factor together with our fine variety of grapes provide us with a worthy product. The vineyards are personally cultivated by the owners using traditional methods and respecting the enviroment. Stable manure is used as fertilizer, spraying is with copper sulphate and lime against mildew, or sulphur with iodine, weedkiller and chemical fertilizers are not used. The ground is ploughed in autumn and spring and short pruning takes place.
Vineyards owned: 5 hectares
Vineyards in production: 5 hectares
Average altitude: 270 m. (above sea level)
RED GRAPES: Barbera, Dolcetto, Brachetto.
WHITE GRAPES: Cortese, Moscato.